How To Troubleshoot Backup Trouble Code P0138

How To Troubleshoot Backup Trouble Code P0138

Over the past few days, a number of readers have informed us that they are facing dodge error code p0138.

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    When the P0138 troubleshooting routine is set, this does not indicate the presence of high current (constantly above 0.9 volts) for more than 10 seconds, which does not indicate a lack of oxygen at the exhaust source and a lot of fuel on sensor 2, sensor on bank 2 #. 1 engine.

    Coupon Code P0138 Definition

    How do I fix error code P0138?

    O2 replacement, bank to win sensor 1 2.Repair or rebuild wiring or common sensor connection for bank 1 2.front du o2 sensor/probereplacing the catalytic converter by sensor.Leaking injector repair.

    What Does P0138 Mean

    P0138 code is usually a generic OBD-II code indicating that the Bank 1 Bank 1 Precision O2 Sensor/Probe 2 failed to output an available voltage below 1.2 volts to get more than 10 seconds, which your flow indicates no oxygen consumption anywhere.

    What causes the code?

  • Can I drive with P0138?

    Code P0138 indicates a problem with the O2 sensor for bank la 0.2 sensor. This sensor analyzes vapors, incoming out of your valuable catalytic converter. It is tempting to underestimate the problem if the code means that the sensor is not working properly. Sensors are not necessary to drive safely or drive the most important vehicle. Sensors

    P0138 The engine control module (ECM) will see that this O2 sensor voltage is greater than 1.2 for many bank 1 2 volts sensors when the ECM determines that the fuel in that bank of these engines is in good conditionii.

  • The ECM detects a high enough voltage problem and turns on the check engine light.

  • The various ECM uses oxygen sensors to try and adjust fuel injection using its own values.

  • What are the symptoms of the global code P0138?

  • dodge error code p0138

    The engine may be running lean when testing the current sensor to fix the problem and will most likely experience fluctuating aura or misfiring.

  • The check engine light comes on.

  • You may have difficulty running the engine depending on a fault caused by all causes of the rich mixture condition.Id=”how-a-mechanic-diagnoses-the-code-p0138 ?”>How

  • Scans codes and saves freeze time data, then clears code time in case of validation failures.

  • Monitors O2 sensor data to determine if voltage changes between low and high quickly compared to other sensors.

  • Checks theCheck the O2 sensor wiring and wiring harness connectors for corrosion in the connectors.

  • Checks the oxygen sensor for physical damage or fluid contamination.

  • Checks the sensor for exhaust and gas throttle leaks.

  • Corresponds to the manufacturer’s one-time one-time tests for further diagnostics.

  • Common Deviations When Diagnosing Code P0138

  • O2 sensor 1 for bank la 1 can be used to diagnose the O2 sensor 2 for bank la 1 by checking the similarity of the two sensors. Operation should be much the same, except sensor 2 should now have lower O2 readings because the entire catalytic converter has to burn more and more fuel and oxygen. See

  • Is P0138 upstream or downstream?

    P0138 is definitely considered downstream. With OBDII, all updrafts are the main input for determining the fuel/air ratio, but I worked as a kitchen staff and read a tech article from Chrysler that said there are usually a lot of (minimum) downstream feedback inputs involved as well. independent by replacing the downstream with P0138.

    Check the o2 alarm for oil or coolant contamination in addition to engine leaks. what

  • Make sure the switch is not damaged or overloaded, which could lead to false alarms. code

  • O2 sensor output voltage can be linked With a broken catalytic converter, which can cause the O2 sensors to add a high output voltage.

  • The controller cannot properly control the air-fuel ratio on this engine, resulting in catalytic converter fouling and excessive carbon buildup in the engine with dirty sparks.

  • What repair can fix the exact P0138 code?

  • O2 sensor replacement for sensor 2 row 1
  • Repair or replace the wiring or connection to the O2 sensor for Bank 1 2
  • Replacing the front catalytic converter with a sensor
  • Repairing a Leaking Nozzle
  • A high O2 sensor voltage condition indicates a lack of timing in the exhaust or other applicable problems such as a leaking resource injector or a break inside the air duct.

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