I Have A Problem With Ambiguous Error Call C2668

I Have A Problem With Ambiguous Error Call C2668

Here are some easy ways that can help you resolve the c2668 ambiguous call error issue.

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    ‘function’: ambiguous return for a function call

    Could not resolve the specified “do the trick” overload. You can further distinguish between real, explicit, or cast parameters.

    You may also get this error when using structures. If you have a regular member function in the same release and you have a model member function to sign, even model i must come first. This remains a limitation in the current implementation of Visual C++.


    // C2668.A;cpp framestructure B: A;structure X;structure D: B, X;invalid function( X, X )invalid function ( A, B )Not a word ;interior()   func(Deborah, d); // C2668 Y a a A, A b X   function( (X)d (x)d, ); // OK, functions func( X, X )

    Another way to fix this error is the using:


    //C2668b.cpp// compile with: /c// /ehsc Pending C2668#include Class A typePublic:  TypeA(integer value);Class TypeB   Type B (integer value);   Type B (double test casedatabase public value);;eAvailable in class:   void AssertEqual(long awaited, definitely std::string                    conditional expression = "");;AppTestCase class: public test casePublic:   // Directly uncomment the following line to solve this problem.   with // TestCase::AssertEqual;   void AssertEqual(const TypeA counted, const TypeA current,                    std::string conditionExpression equals "");   void AssertEqual(expected TypeB constant, actual TypeB constant,                    std::string conditionExpression = "");;MyTestCase class: public AppTestCase   empty test-something()      current interval = 0;      AssertEqual(0, actual physics, "value");   ;

    Converting to any conversion type of the constant 0 is unclear because int requires conversion to either long or void* . fix To fix this cast error, 0 is the exact type of the parameter for which it is used. Then you need to skip conversions.

    error c2668 ambiguous call to

    //C2668c.cpp#include "stdio.h"Empty f (long)   printf_s("in f(blank*) f(long)n");void printf_s("in f(void*)n");interior()   e((int)0); // C2668   // OK   e((long)0);   f((blank*)0);

    This error may occur because the CRT is now filled with forms float and all double numeric functions.

    error c2668 ambiguous call to

    //C2668d.cpp#include interior()   interval i = 0;   swimmer   n = because (i); // C2668   f = because floating ((colon) i); // error ok

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  • This can be taken into account because the removed pow(int, int) actually comes from math.h in the CRT.

    //C2668e.cpp#include interior()   pp(9.9); // c2668 Pou((double)9.// 9); OK

    This encoding works successfully in Visual Studio 2015, but does not work in Visual Studio and later 2017 with C2668. In Studio Image 2015, the compiler mistakenly designed the copy list initialization to be the same as the daily copy initialization. Was considering converting to a queue of first constructors to resolve overloading.

    structure A    explicitly A (integer);Book B   B (whole);void f (constant A&)void f (constant B&)interior()    f(a); // error C2668: 'f': unsafe call to overloaded function

  • 2 minutes of reading
  • Try building the source code below at the level indicated in the manual.I useNew Image Studio 2008.compiler

    Doesn’t seem to do anything for you, according to the Sieb maintainer:

    1>------ Rebuild all running: Project: fig21.58, Configuration: debug ------1> Remove intermediate and win32 processing files for project "fig21.build 40", "Debug | Win32"1> Compile...1>fig21_40.cpp1>c:usersocukdocumentsc++chapter 21fig21.40fig21.40fig21_40.cpp(27): error C2668: ambiguous 'sqrt': c:program function call succeeded1> Visual files (x86)Microsoft Facial 9.0vcincludemath. Can be h(581): Sqrt 'long (long combined double)'1> c:program files (x86)microsoft vision studio 9.0vcincludemath.h(533): or 'float c:program sqrt(float)'1> Files (x86)Microsoft Visual 9 business.0vcincludemath.h(128): or 'double sqrt(double)'1> to buy the corresponding argument, Inventory '(const int)'1> The build log was saved via 21fig21 "file://c:usersocukdocumentsc++chapter.40fig21.40DebugBuildLog.htm".1>fig21.40 - error, 1 8 warnings========== All 0 rebuilds: successful, 1 hit on 0 wall ignored ==========
    //Fig. 21:40: fig21_40.cpp//Use any set of bits to demonstrate sifting through most With Eratosthenes#enable std::cin;with std::cout;with std::endl;#include with std::setw;#include  // Define a bit set training sessionin#include  // sqrt prototypeinterior(){constant integer size = 1024;integer value;std::bitset sieve;sieve.flip();// sieve Start Eratosphensint finalBit equals sqrt(seventh) size() + 1;for(int i>value;while (value != -1) {   if(sieve [value])        cout << value << height in inches - prime numbern";    different        cout << relevance << " is not

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