How To Solve The Intel Matrix 0 Error

How To Solve The Intel Matrix 0 Error

If you are experiencing Intel Matrix 0 error on your PC, this guide can help.

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    When booting up, one of my new hard drives from two weeks ago is now connected to my RAID 0 array
    Report a bug here:

    I googled the errors in this post and found only one buyer who
    reported an error and his monitor snapshot is almost the same as mine

    None of the answers I’m looking at in this thread helped me.

    Using Western Digital’s diagnostic tools, I checked every drive and none
    Errors were found on both drives. Chkdsk reported no errors.

    Since I first saw this error message a few days ago,
    The computer ran without any apparent problems (booted fully and
    works fine), but this error message is driving me crazy.

    Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200KS 320GB 7200RPM 16MB SATA Cache

    Controller JMicron JMB36X:
    Device portfolio: SCSI and RAID controllers
    Manufacturer: JMicron Technology
    Driver Date: Version: 05/12/2006

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  • Device Manager reports no errors for any of the above generic controllers.

    Processor Intel Core 2.Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz 4MB Shared L2 Cache LGA 775

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this error message?

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    It can happen again and again that one of the golf drives throws a SMART error.

    Years ago when WD 36gig Raptors first came out I had a fewworks in a null RAID array.

    My symptoms were a bit different than yours, mine was crashing randomly.
    Normally rebooting the system was a lot more complicated, but I could never find it

    One of the things I indexed was that none of the plans I tried could do it
    Play SMART title from any disc.

    After some time, I finally decided to partially switch to the current single Raptor 74giga
    Pot Because I wanted to replace the RAID disks with other disksTroubleshooting.

    After installing and running the system on a new drive, I installed my old drives
    as separate disks, and lo and behold, one of the disks started
    SMART report error. !

    I downloaded our WD diagnostics, it found the broken spot where the SMART was.
    I will try to help you with reports. I got permission from WD, they replaced the drive with
    Rescue Disk still works years later on a different system.

    I can tell that one of the drives might contain a SMART error though
    If they are in a RAID 0 group, the SMART error may not report anything detailed,
    and you may not find the real error until the RAID array is split into two parts
    ordinary readers.

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    HDRDTD says:

    One of the operators may have developed a SMAR errorT.


    My component is, one of the readers. It is possible that a SMART error occurred simply because
    You are in RAID 4, nothing can detail the SMART error,
    and you may not see the real error until you see that the RAID is easily split into two
    ordinary readers.

    I went into the bios and also disabled the raid option so I had twoseparate disks. A naturally-created computer could not boot, but mostly could
    run WD diagnostics on hand from a boot disk with any HD complexity.
    No problems found. I used to use DLGIDIAG5.EXE

    01/06/2007, 11:09:33
    Model WDC WD3200KS-00PFB0
    Serial number: WD-WCAPD2868494
    Firmware: 21.00M21
    CH S:620181 16:63
    Capacity 320 GB
    Drive: 5 Port: 0xEC00

    06.01.2007, 11:11:40
    Model: WDC WD3200KS-00PFB0
    Serial number: WD-WCAPD2437481
    Firmware from 21.00M21
    C H S: 620181 3 years ago 63
    Capacity: 320 GB
    Drive: 0 Port: 0xE800

    intel matrix error occurred 0

    A SMART error may have occurred on one of the drives.

    I mean, one of the particular drives might have a SMART error, but since
    You are in a significant RAID 0 array, nothing can detail the SMART error,
    and your business may not notice the actual failure until the RAID array is split in half
    ordinary readers.

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    In John said:

    On boot, one of my two week old hard drives is now included in my RAID this error:

    I googled this type of error message and found only one person who
    reported this bug and our screenshot is almost identical to mine

    None of the answers I seem to have read in this thread have been really helpful to me.

    Using the toolnts scan western digital, i checked every drive but none
    There were errors on both disks. Chkdsk also reported no errors.

    It’s been a long time since I first noticed this marketing error a few days ago,
    The computer works without visible problems (starts and
    works fine), but the error message is still driving us crazy.

    I have two of a whole line of hard drives:

    Western Caviar Digital SE16 WD3200KS 320GB 7200RPM 16MB SATA Cache

    RAID 0 with Intel Matrix Storage Manager

    intel matrix error occurred 0

    Motherboard: ASUS P5B-E (Latest BIOS installed)

    Intel SATA i86/do/dh:
    RAID ControllersDriver date: 11.05.06
    Driver version:

    JMicron JMB36X Type: Controller:
    SCSI and RAID Controllers for Devices
    Manufacturer: JMicron Technology
    Driver date: 05/12/2006
    Driver version:

    Device Executive does not report errors for most of the abovecontrollers.