How To Manage Keyspan 4-port Bi-directional Print Server?

How To Manage Keyspan 4-port Bi-directional Print Server?

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    You may encounter an error message stating keyspan 4 Port Bi-Directional Print Server. Well, there are different ways to solve this problem and we will talk about them shortly.

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    5.0 of 0 Starmy’s search is over. Tested with only two Epson

    I’ve been looking for a print server for a fabulous year with printers. I was actually planning to switch from my Epson C80 to the new manufacturer Epson CX4600 all-in-one, but put it off because I usually had to connect the printer to a wireless network. I have a wireless network and I need to be able to print from multiple computers. I saw a little-known report about the Keyspan print server that showed off its own multi-directional and multi-function printer support capabilities. When I found it on Amazon, I thought I could always try and if the device doesn’t work, return it.

    It worked when I tried to wire the first box directly. I first tested this on my Epson just c80 to see if it would work. Done, for the first time I was able to view the printer monitor software and see how much ink I have and how I use printer utilities. True, the test came when I installed the new Epson CX4600 MFP. Again, production, the server is immediately locatedI got a printer and/or I was able to additionally print documents scanned from any home computer on a Wi-Fi enabled network.


    simple setup can be done by any technophobe. . The instruction card is just a 3X5 card, which has our own following steps:

    – Make sure the device is connected to your network when it is connected

    – Do not plug the device back and Wait. for a single blinking green light

    – Install the software on your computer

    – Connect the current printer to the print server

    keyspan 4-port bi-directional print server

    – Open the print server console

    < p>– Click the printer connection icon

    – Print

    Most log servers only send data in one direction (from

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    Precise connection of the PC to the printer). The 4-port print server is the first print server

    How to use utilities that monitor ink and then paper –

    Warranty And Returns

    More About KEYSPAN PS-4A

    Model readabilitydatatable=”1″>

    Brand < /th>

    Type USB
    Standards IEEE 802.3/3u + USB 1.1
    Ports 4 .x .USB .+ .2 ..0 1 x RJ45
    Transfer rate 10/100 Mbps 12 Mbps
    Dimensions 5.1 x 3.0 x 1.1 Readabilitydatatable=”1″>

    Inch functions
    Large capacity: connect 4 printers.
    Versatility: complete For use with inkjet printers, laser printers, image printers, label printers, plotters, etc. Printing: Convenient Wi-Fi over or Ethernet.
    Bidirectional: Send print jobs to connected printers. Clear report of PC/Mac ink/paper status on.
    High performance: support simultaneous connected printers./
    Package content Server; Source of power; CD with driver and user manual; manual

    Date readabilitydatatable=”1″>

    First additional availability 02. August 2006

    Warranty, Returns And Additional Information

    money back policy

    • Return within 30 days
    • Replacement returns for within 30 days.
    • This item is now covered by the Newegg standard return policy. Please see the full return policy for details.

    Keyspan US-4A 4-Port USB Server Src= > Average customer reviews:

    (more reviews) I put the packing box 10 MINUTES AGO and both of my inkjet printers are not working on the whole PC. larger than a CD, but everything was fine:
    Step 1: Turn on the USB server without a connected USB device using this method and connect it to the Internet 2 . 0 via RJ45.
    Step 2: Install computer software (if WinXP software, unsigned ones use the core drivers.) During this time, your operating system will search the network and find the USB server.
    Step 3. Plug in the USB devices.
    THIS THIS!!!
    If you have a specific multifunction device, you NEED that device, because even if you find that your print server is just compatibleIm, he probably won’t let you use the paper version only. Your printer server turns your multifunction printer into a single function printer.
    device With Idea, the printer is as if directly connected to your PC. In fact, you may not be limited to PC; In fact, you can connect ANY USB device (camcorder, scanner, even a webcam, mouse or keyboard).
    The ONLY advantage of a print server over such a server is that the network can directly control multiple computers that can be hosted on one computer. device immediately (actually, this is not entirely true, as it has been proven that requests are queued) a. When
    using a USB server, each computer uses a minimal control program. At startup, a window opens with a list of most of the devices connected to the USB server. A PC connected to the network that wants to log into the device (for example, print) must first take control of the applicator. that All you need to do is select the name of the mechanism and press the connect button. From now onand the printer is as if connected openly to your PC. Other people trying to use the printer will see that you are signed. The pending user must unsubscribe, which unfortunately you will have to do manually.

    keyspan 4-port bi-directional print server

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    Servidor De Impresion Bidireccional De 4 Puertos Keyspan
    Serveur D Impression Bidirectionnel Keyspan A 4 Ports
    Keyspan 4 Port Bidirektionaler Druckserver
    Servidor De Impressao Bidirecional De 4 Portas Keyspan
    Server Di Stampa Bidirezionale A 4 Porte Keyspan
    키스팬 4포트 양방향 프린트 서버
    Keyspan 4 Ports Dubbelriktad Skrivarserver
    Keypan 4 Portovyj Dvunapravlennyj Server Pechati
    4 Portowy Dwukierunkowy Serwer Druku Z Klawiatura