FIX: Create Wiikey Boot Disk

FIX: Create Wiikey Boot Disk

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    When you see the creation of a wiikey boot disk, the following guide may help you.

    Definition Of Code P0138

    What Any Code P0138 Means

    P0138 is a generic OBD-II code indicating that the Bank 1 sensor O2 sensor has current multiple outputs below 1.2V for significantly more than 10 seconds, indicating a lack of oxygen in the engine power flow.


    What causes code P0138?

  • The automatic control module (ECM) sees the approximate O2 sensor voltage for lender 1, sensor 2 above 1.2V when the ECM commands the fuel type to target lean based on the respective engine bank.

  • The ECM detects a high voltage problem and the indicator turns on engine checks.

  • Other Use Oxygen Sensors The ECM attempts to control fuel injection using their readings.

  • What are the symptoms of code P0138 almost always?

  • After checking the sensor and correcting the problem, the engine may run lean and misfires may be delayed. Confirm will light up

  • Probably the indicator is right Check engine.

  • You may experience engine performance problems depending on engine failure or rich mixture.

  • How exactly does a mechanic diagnose a P0138 code?

  • Scans document codes and freeze frame resources, then cleans up error checking codes.

  • make wiikey boot disk

    Tracks data from the O2 sensor to get an idea of ​​the fast change in voltage between low and high compared to other sensors, to help you.

  • Checks the wires and harnesses of the O2 sensor for corrosion in the connectors. what

  • Checks that the O2 sensor is not damaged or contaminated with fruit juice.

  • Checks exhaust gases before they leave the sensor.

  • Perform manufacturer specific screening tests for further diagnosis.

  • Common Problems When Diagnosing A Sensor With Code P0138

  • Bank 1 O2 Operator 1 can be used to diagnose an O2 sensor for Bank 2 1 by comparing the two sensors. The performance must be almost unbelievable, except that the 2 sensorsShould have more low O2 readings because the switch readings must burn excess electricity and oxygen.

  • Make sure the O2 sensor is not contaminated with coolant or that there are no engine leaks.

  • Check the catalytic converter for blockage or damage, if this could cause erroneous sensor readings.

  • How legit is code P0138?

  • O2 sensor output current can be related to an exhaust duct break, which can cause superior O2 sensors to provide output voltage.

  • The ECM may not properly control the engine’s air-fuel ratio, resulting in switch fouling and excessive fouling in your current engine with fouled spark plugs.

  • What repairs can fix the P0138 code?

  • O2 sensor replacement for financial institution sensor 2 1
  • Generally, repair or replace the wiring or connection to the O2 sensor for Bank 1 Sensor/Sensor 2.
  • Replacing the catalytic converter in front of the sensor
  • Repair leaking injector
  • A high O2 sensor indicates a lack of oxygen in the exhaust or other related problems such as a leaking fuel injector or a bad switch inside.

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